The Covid-19 Suite

In the Spring of 2020, when the pandemic caused everything to shut down, I decided to apply my energy to this trio of compositions and record them at home.


This tune is an expression of the uncertainty surrounding the pesky and dangerous virus, how fast it was spreading, and where it would go as far as impact on society.

Two Plus One Is Four

At this point, I’m pretty upset about the mismanagement of the pandemic at the federal level, the denial, down playing, misinformation, and lack of responsibility. For guitar geeks, it was time to break out the ES-335, a bit of overdrive, and some harmonic dissonance in a somewhat bluesy progression.

Of Humanity

My heart sank witnessing the struggles experienced in health care facilities and by providers, along with that were the families suffering the loss of loved ones. I was also inspired by the courage and dedication of health care workers in their relentless caring for those in need.

In The Studio – Sweeter All The Time

In 2003, I put together an album of my originals with this wonderful crew, recorded at the UNC studio in Greely, CO. Pictured (left to right) are Jessy Lucas (bass), Mark Raynes (drums), Greg Heimbecker (engineer), Mark Sloniker (piano), and myself (guitars). Byron Hamer (not shown) contributed on flute and tenor saxophone.

The Happy Guitarist

Here is one of the cuts from that album, featuring the crew in the photo.